Thursday, 24 May 2012

Farm Update

On the way to recovery..

Piglets with skin problem.
Guinea Pig have sensitive skin and because of that 
their often used in cosmetic testing.
Macam Alien.
Usually skin problem occur when their stress, babies that a month old, Oldies, ill for so long, death of a friend, sow that recently gave birth or during pregnant period, fungal infections..
It take about a month before skin is back to normal.
You can take care it yourself. 
Just using anti fungal cream, clean their home every day and make sure the piglets take their bath at least once a week..

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Babies Update

Piggy new born

Piggy deliver to five little piggies yesterday (22.05.2012).
All white and brown

Five little piggy playing hide and seek

Monday, 21 May 2012

Babies Update

Tow gave Birth after Diasoka on the 20th May 2012 Sunday morning.

Just one.
Usually Tow will deliver two babies but not today, 
baby will grow much faster and healthier b'coz of  more milk for himself or herself?

About a Day old, picture taken 21st May morning.
 White with a brown stripe.
I think we will named it Sunday..
Tow litter is much bigger than Diasoka litter maybe because of the born rate..

Babies Update

Diasoka gave birth on 19th May 2012 to four little piglets

Four baby Piglets
The two is suckling while the other two waiting for their turn...
Picture take morning of  21st may, looks like some one  is hungry....
This picture had been take when they just Hour old (pic taken yesterday).

Cat's and Dog

Toby Farm Resident

All Black Local cat 
Both G'tom and Ccomot are orphaned when their mother been hit by a hit and run not responsible people while driving.
black local Dog 
 Black Brown Local cat 
Gumuk the foster parent for G'tom and C'comot.

Autobot Gumuk
Best Friend 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Kit's For Your Piggies

Here at TobyFarm…

“Mana makanan yang sesuai ah? Bole ka kalau kasi pellet rabbit utk G’pig? (Boleh)… Apa tu vitamin pellet? Di mana ada jual tu tempat makanan & bottle minum G’pig?”

Some one ask me that questions… Memang agak susah sekiranya kita ingin membela G’pig without all this equipments kan? Me at first time piara G’pig pun mcm tu juga. Without any preparations (betul2 zero preparations ni, smpi pellet dekor pun teda… Hahahah), we bought 2 little baby piglets. The cage are from our previous ‘ayam serama’ cage, we just make little upgrade on it.

Ignore my spelling & writing skills!!! Just take the good stuff!!!

So, at first 1-3 days at home our little baby piglet named Toby (boar) & Tow (Sow), now I used to call her ‘Mama Tow’ (sow), only eating what we had on the ‘Ais Box’. Hihhhhi, semua jenis makananlah kami bagi… Baca2 about how to take care these G’pig pun hampir teda, only the basic ja kami ada balek2 kunun (We print out the basic info from Google). & from our baca2 time, we found out that this G’pig need food that contain high in fiber, so we think about oat? Hahahah, gila lah kan? Oat mimanglah expensive! Hahahah, so we try giving them grass, and walaaa… they like it, Toby & Mama Tow eat em grass like they never had been fed before!!!

And from ‘botle coca-cola’ yang we cut to make Toby & Mama Tow piring & tempat minum, we bought them first real piring & bottle minuman. We upgrade the cage to be more spacious, so that Toby & Mama Tow can play ‘kuch-kuch hota hai’ and produce our first baby piglet. Hihih, The first born baby piglet was ‘macho’ little Dimitry and cute little Piggy. Like the first time we had Toby & Mama Tow, we were back to basic again and learn how to take care of baby piglet (from our experiences baby piglet need extra care, especially at their cage & food). We had amazing experiences with em, plus more to be discover yet!!!  So if u are new G’pig master we want to make ur life easier by selling the needed kit for ur Gpig (piring, bottle minuman, pellets, vitamin pellet). You can get it at TobyFarm..

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Importance Of Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

Sekiranya anda membela binatang/pets yang kecil (such as Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hamster etc.), Timothy Hay adalah sangat penting dalam diet mereka. Timothy Hay adalah tumbuhan semulajadi yang sangat berkashiat. Selalunya, ianya dijual dalam keadan kering.
And a bit expensive to get it from pets shop. So here saya ingin kongsikan serba sedikit kebaikan Timothy Hay ini. Chekedout!!!

Kebaikan Timothy Hay for ur pets in daily diet
Timothy Hay adalah tumbuhan yang sangat kaya dengan kandungan fiber. Selalunya, binatang peliharan yang bersaiz kecil memerlukan makanan yang high fiber. Jadi Timothy Hay adalah sumber yang terbaik untuk binatang peliharan anda. Timothy Hay membantu melancarkan system pencernaan pets kamurang. 

Another Benefits Ur pets gets from Timothy Hay
Timothy Hay juga membantu pets kamurang membersih gigi mereka. Sebab pets yang bersaiz kecil selalunya cenderung untuk mengigit-gigit kan? Jadi dengan adanya Timothy Hay ini it will helps your pets a lot. Pets yang bersaiz kecil juga mempunyai gigi yang sentiasa growing. Therefore, memberi Timothy Hay kepada pets kamurang essential to help wear down their teeth. Coz, gigi yang terlalu panjang akan memberi kesan yang tidak baik kepada pets kamurang. The diet of mainly Timothy Hay should be supplemented with fresh vegetables, pellets, fruits and, of course, fresh water. (Fresh veggie such as, timun, cabbage, carrots… ect.) 

So WHY wait? Go Get it for ur pets!!!
Jadi tunggu apa lagi, sekiranya dulu kamurang kurang tahu akan informasi2 ini Timothy Hay, sekarang suda tahu kan?  So go get your pets Timothy Hay. Di sini di TobyFarm kami ingin membantu anda, kami ada menjual Timothy Hay ini way murah then in Pets Shop. Inda Percaya? Bah pi bah cek! Hihihih… So here the list of Timothy Hay that we had in the Farm.  

250g (Grams) Timothy Hay- RM10.00 (Only!!!)
500g (Grams) Timothy Hay- Rm20.00 (Only!!!)

The Importance of Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa Hay

 Hi, to all… Some tips for your pets. Di sini juga saya ingin kongsikan serba sedikit mengenai kebaikan Alfalfa Hay. Seperti juga Timothy Hay, Alfa Hay juga mempunyai kebaikan & fungsi yang hampir sama. Alfa Hay ini adalah kemestian bagi pets2 yang bersaiz kecil. And most importance diet for baby piglet!!!

Dietary Benefits of Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa Hay adalah tumbuhan yang kaya dengan kandungan kalori and calcium, berbanding Thimothy Hay. Oleh itu during your pets (Guinea Pigs) pregnancy, Alfalfa Hay is essential for mommies Guinea Pig. Jadi selepas mommies G’pig giv birth, continuously giv the baby piglets Alfalfa Hay. Sebaik-baiknya sehingga baby piglets kamurang berumur 2monts.  It will help the baby piglet to grow healthy and cutter!!! Di samping itu kamurang juga mesti supplemented with fresh vegetables, a small amount of pellets and, of course, fresh water.

Important to REMEMBER!!!

Alfalfa hay should only to be given to pregnant mothers G’pig and growing baby’s piglet. Alfalfa hay is high in calcium and other nutrients which can cause bladder stones in guinea pigs. And Alfa Hay not recommend for adult G’pig.

Here at TobyFarm we want to help kamurang . So, we sell Alfalfa Hay just for pet’s lover like Kamurang! So why wait, kamurang also akan dapat harga way murah berbanding yang dijual di Pets Shop. 

250g (Grams) of Alfalfa Hay – RM 10.00 (Only!!!)
500g (Grams) of Alfalfa Hay – RM 20.00 (Only!!!)