Monday, 30 July 2012

Lucky Went to the Vet..

Lucky was not well so he ask us to bring him to the vet..
Lucky When to the vet 24th July 2012.

 Lucky heavy right side, he almost lay his head on the table. Poor old Lucky.
His weight is just 510gram yesterday, to skinny for a big boar like him..
 All you need to know are posted at the wall 
 Staff of Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan Penampang examine Lucky.
 Some Vitamin plus Anti-biotic given to Lucky.
 Lucky : sy enda mo minum! 
Last2 surrender juga the vet, coz Lucky don't want to drink his medicine..
So she gave us this Erytamin Powder..

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Little Cavy Update

Mix Texel Guinea Pig..

Piggy Cavy 1 male (left side) D.O.B 14th July 2012

 Piggy Cavy 1 male (right side) D.O.B 14th July 2012

 Piggy Cavy 2 female (left side) D.O.B 14th July 2012

 Piggy Cavy 2 female (right side) D.O.B 14th July 2012

 Piggy Cavy 3 male (left side) D.O.B 14th July 2012

 Piggy Cavy 3 male (right side) D.O.B 14th July 2012

Chocolate Cavy 1 male (left side) D.O.B 12th July 2012

Chocolate Cavy 1 male (right side) D.O.B 12th July 2012

Chocolate Cavy 2 female (left side) D.O.B 12th July 2012

Chocolate Cavy 2 female (right side) D.O.B 12th July 2012

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Long overdue article about ‘Fresh Rumput’ :P

Hmmm… Topik ini dibuat adalah untuk panduan semua G’pig master di luar sana. Oleh kerana many people asking us which one grass yg sesuai untuk G’pig? perlu cuci ka tu grass before giving to G’pig? It’s safe to give them the grass?... Okey2 ini ditulis melalui pengalaman dan pengetauhan yg di berikan oleh local seller G’pig bout grass la.
Masuk tahun ini, it’s almost 3 years we had G’pig as a pets. Mimang masi ‘jagung’ lagi bah, tapi kami banyakkan bertanya and reads from internet about how to take care of this pets.
So here we go… Sila lihat gambar ini baik-baik ya, jangan silap^_^

Ini merupakan jenis rumput yg mudah didapati di sekeliling rumah kita kan? Atau orang kampong pangil ‘rumput kerabau’^_^. This is the first grass that we offer to our G’pig. You just have to cut the grass and wash it. Make sure it dry before u give to your G’pig( bukan lah mau jemur sampai kering, at least itu air2 kering sebelum bagi makan kat G’pig^_^).

The second types of grass that we offer to our G’pig are this:

Ini merupakan jenis rumput yang selalu tumbuh d kawasan yg selalu ada air. ‘Ianya amat sedap dimakan begitu saja kata c Papa Dim-Dim :P’…  Ya, melalui pengalaman sy lah, Mama Tow also agreed with us (me & Papa Dim-Dim@Dimitry :P). As we know it, grass is very important to G’pig diet. It’s contains lots of fiber and G’pig need that!!! ‘Untuk cuci system pencernaan G’pig’ dia bilang tu Tokey Cina^_^.  So in conclusions, grass is a MUST to G’pig diet and be a responsible master ‘take care of your G’pig.
If kamu too lazy to find a grass for your G’pig, there are other ways to make sure your G’pig not suffer from bad diet. You just have to buy the Timothy Hay and Alfalfa Hay for your G’pig. And many people also asking us this, ‘Bukan tu hay untuk kasi letak sbagai alas tu kandang G’pig ka?’… So here is our answered ‘If U can afforded RM20 or over per week, you are please to used that expensive hay for alas kandang’^_^
That’s all for this month, and we at TobyFarm would like to wish ‘Selamat Menjalankan Bulan Puasa’ for our Muslim’s members or visitors.  Thanks for all your supports & we will share more tips here at TobyFarm. ‘Taking a GOOD care of your pets’ ^_^

More about Alfalfa Hay click here.. or  More about Timothy Hay click here..

Easy Way To Make G’pig Home Using Recycle woods^_^

Hi, to all TobyFarm members’ or visitors^_^… We would like to share some easy way on how to make G’pig home & save the world (coz we’re using recycles things mah: P)!  So u’ll just have to follow this picture that we taken ‘only’ for u’ll^_^!!! 


3.Gunting (Mesti yg bole gunting besi ah^_^)
4.Big stapler
5.Paku ( 1 inci & ½ Inci)
6.Color pen/marker pen

7.Recycle Kayu/papan (We used six cutting wood)  

8.Recycle Card Board (Yg mcm bentuk pistol suda, sb banyak kali gunting suda^_^)

STEP@ Caranya to Make U’re G’pig dream Homie is:

Step 1
Potong/gergaji kayu mengikut size/besar homie G’pig yg kamu kehendaki. 

Step 2
Stapler both side of the wood, so that it doesn’t fall apart.

(after finish stapler, it will looked like this^_^)

Step 3
Putting together all the papan yg kana kasi stapler untuk menjadi seakan-akan bangku… :P

(haaa… Tukul baik2 tu paku ah, jan kmu tukul tu jari suda… :P)

(after finish step 3, u homie looked like this^_^@ Mcm bangku kn?)

Step 4
Ambik tu homie yg macam bangku tu, letak di atas kad board dan sukat mengikut citarasa (mcm main masak2 ka? :P). Sukat mengikut size bangku/homie yg kamu paku tadi tu, make sure u mark the size using marker pen^_^

Step 5
Selepas sesi garis mengaris tadi, anda bolelah mengunting kad board yg telah ditandakan tadi. Kad board ini kami gunakan sebagai atap ni ‘homie’… ;0 (& sekiranya anda tida suka guna kad board, bolelah menggunakan papan nipis @ plywood)

(& it will looked like this after finishing mengunting^_^)

Step 6
Selepas siap mengunting kad board tadi, kita kembali ke sesi tukul-menukul :P... Hati2 jangan tukul jari-jemari anda…  Untuk itu kami menggunakan paku ½ inci bagi membuat atap homie ini^_^ 

(& U’re atap homie will looked like this after siap tukul ^_^)

Step 7
Step ini adalah bagaimana mau buat pintu tu homie(tapi jika anda tida mau buat pintu pun boleh bah :P). Using papan yg telah dipotong/digergaji pendek.

Step 8
Sekiranya anda suka, anda bolelah melakar apa2 ja lah yg kamu suka utk kasi cantik tu homie yg suda siap. Terpulang kepada anda apa warna & corak yg digunakan. Kami hanya membuat lakaran & warna-warni seperti ini^_^

(haaa… tu lah corak kegemaran c Dimitry @ Papa Dim-Dim :P )

 (And kami kasi color2 jgk bah ni homie ni^_^)

(Homie itu akan berwajah seperti ini selepas sesi lakar-melakar and color-mengalour:P)
(gambar g’pig diatas adalah gmbr c Dimitry selepas makeover! :P)

Selamat mencuba & save the world^_^~ Ini adalah rupa kegembiraan oleh sang G’pig selepas memiliki homie sendiri^_^ (Nampak muka c Papa Dim-Dim, siap senyum lagi :P)

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Pet Shampoo

We've Tried it on Guinea Pig and so far soo good...
Try this if you have any skin problem on your Guinea Pig, We've tried it and so far so good. You can also use baby oil on the effected skin of your Guinea Pig but it take's time to heal so be patient on treating them.. You can buy it at any supermarket or pharmacy.

 Anipro Sulphur Shampoo is a specially formulated herbal pet shampoo which contains Rosemary extract and solubilised Sulphur. This unique combination helps relieve many common skin problems that cause flakiing, scabbing, itching and loss of fur. It is enriched with Rosemary oil to moisturise and rejuvenate the skin and coat of pets. Regular use will protect your pets against flaky and dry skin while leaving a long lasting fragrance.

Directions for use
You can bathe them once a week with this shampoo. 

Donnot used every day, if not your Guinea Pig will turned into a Golden Retriever!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Silkie or Sheltie Interested?

Sheltie or Silkie
Anyone Interested?

 White Grey color long fur
 Not local breed.

Piggy Has Gave Birth.. Unfortunately..

Piggy has gave birth to Four piglets but unfortunately one couldn't make it..

14 July 2012
After hour in labor Piggy has giving birth to three mini guinea pig..
Piggy with tree little piggies..

Alive Healthy and kicking..
But very sad to lose one of their sibling. 

Resemble the father?
Guess whose the Father?
Unfortunately this one doesn't make it. Don't know why it die.. That night when we're feeding the guinea pig we saw three piggies cuddling and one is still inside it's membrane sack, maybe that's what kill it?
Further more Piggy is known to lost a piglet during birth..

 (Left side)
So sad to lose a baby guinea pig...

(right side)