Monday, 26 March 2012

Look at Me

Ready For new Home 

Abyssinian mix
Condition: Healthy alive and kicking 
Sex: Male
Fur: long and smooth

2 month old
Like's to Eat grass, pallet, vegy and fruits.

RM50 only

Monday, 19 March 2012

TobyFarm Residents Update

Peruvian (Boars) Very Long hair 
Newest Resident at Tobyfarm.
Attack power: n/a
Speed: 50
Teeth: 50
Mating: 90

Abyssinian (Boars) Long hair 
New comer at Tobyfarm.
Attack power: n/a
Speed: 50
Teeth: 50
Mating: n/a

Abyssinian (Sow)

Standard Guinea pig (Boars)
2nd Generation of Tobyfarm

Guard Dog Gumuk: What the f*#@
Dimitry: Shut up dog
Gumuk: Heeeelp...
Dimitry: Haha
Gumuk: Ahh, my neck
Dimitry: Eemm.. test like grass

Standard Gpig (Sow)
Mix Abyssinian with Standard (Boars)

Standard Gpig (Sow)

Mix Aby with Std (Sow)

Original GuineaPig (Sow)
The first resident of Tobyfarm and the mother 
of Dimitry & Piggy.

Due to limited cages and space we have to sale much of their offspring, As soon as their are ready to be wean from it's mother, Weaning is done when the cavy is 21day old. At 1 month all male (boars) and female (sow) cavy are sexually active and will try to mate with female in the same cage. But at this young age we will not recommend owner to let them mate, the youngster must be at least 2 month old before they can mate.  

All of our GuineaPigs are well taken care of. All are healthy and clean when the time their sold to you.

Thank you for all of your support  

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Take Me Home

Anak Kubis Almost 2month (22Jan born)

Long hair 
2month old Kubis litter
White, brown and a little bit of black
Healthy and active 
Favorite food: Grass, vegy
Power: 90
Speed: 70
Condition: Tame
Instinct: 100 "give me chicks gpig and you will know gggrrreeeee"
Take me home country road
to the place i belong.......
SOLD to Joy LB 17032012

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Male GuineaPig Looking For New Home

A month old and ready for new home. Both are cross between standard and Abyssinian Gpig.
Selling Rm50 each.

Semi long & Smooth Hair
Very active 
Like to eat Grass 
SOLD to Joy LB 17032012

Semi long & Smooth hair
Adorable, Perfect for you
SOLD to Joy LB 17032012

Gpig Baby Ready For New Home

1 month old baby ready for new owner to take care of them. Both are mix Abyssinian with standard Gpig Selling Rm90 both (a pair).

Male 1 month old.

Short Smooth hair
a cross between
standard Guineapig with Abyssinian Guineapig.

SOLD to Joy LB 17032012
Male 1 month old.

Very Active and Healthy. looking for new home and loving owner.

SOLD to Joy LB 17032012