Monday, 14 November 2011

Mix Breed Abyssinian with Standard Gpig

Brown & White color mix
Sexing the Gpig
Tri color Brown, White and Black mix
Sexing the Gpig (male)

This is a mix breed guinea pig, mother is pure Abyssinian and father is mix Abyssinian (standard mix with abyssinian gpig). By looking at the gpig fur it is almost like a pure abbysinian gpig, but actually not. About a month old and just been weaned from its mother to prevent from unwanted mating, at this age the baby gpig will try to mate to any female in its group so the best think to do is to separate them.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Farm

Female Gpig 1
Near 3 weeks Cavies. very tame and healthy

 Female Gpig 1.1
above pic is to determine the gender

Male Gpig 2
Energetic Cavie eat lots of grass and fruits. 

Male Gpig 2.1
Sexing the Gpig
Very cute and tame Gpig, eat lots of vegy, fruits, grass and pallets. purposed of this pictures are to share information for newly Gpig master. but even at 3 week it's hard to determine the gender of the cavies so correct me if I'm wrong...