Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Birthday to Deavie & Hippo

14 Feb. Hope Your Special Day, Brings you all that Your Heart Desires! Here's Wishing you a day Full of Pleasant Surprises! Happy Birthday! 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Such Precious Little Creatures

Newborn about an hour ago(12022012), Sunday morning I discovered four newborn guinea pigs cuddle together warming them self. Piggy just gave birth to four little white and brown piggy's. 

A little bit of Information 
Guinea Pigs have approximately 72 day gestation period and tend to be shorter with larger litters up to 6 babies.
Babies a born mature, furry, eating solid food, basically just like an adult, but miniature.

Diasoka Baby 2 weeks Old

Update on Diasoka Baby 

  Two weeks old
 Long Smooth hair
It's a hot day..
I'm thirsty..
 Look at me I'm eating..
 Uhhaa... I see you

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gpig Baby Ready For New Home

Ready For New Home This Friday (10022012)

Right Front: long hair white head (male).
Right Back: long hair brown head (female). SOLD to Penampang (10022012)
Left Front: semi long hair white head (male). SOLD to Penampang (10022012)
Left Back: long hair black and white head (male). Sold to azilrays Inanam


(click on pic to enlarge) 

New Baby Open for booking!
Born on 03022012 and will be ready in 3 weeks time!

Gender: n/a
Hair: Long and Smooth

Left: brown with a bit of white hair.
        SOLD TO PENAMPANG 22022012
Middle: mostly white with brown on the head.
             SOLD TO PENAMPANG 22022012
Right: beautiful three color white, brown plus black.UNDER QUARANTINE
All are Diasoka Litter
Still suckling but learning to eat pallet and vegy.