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Alfalfa Hay

250g (Grams) Timothy Hay- RM12.00 (Only!!!)
500g (Grams) Timothy Hay- Rm20.00 (Only!!!)

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Timothy Hay

250g (Grams) of Alfalfa Hay – RM 12.00 (Only!!!)
500g (Grams) of Alfalfa Hay – RM 20.00 (Only!!!) 

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 Vitamin Pallets

Mix Pallets 500gram - RM 8.00

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 Guinea Pig or Rabbit Pallet

Standard pallet for your guinea pig diet
2.5kg pack - RM 8.00
5kg pack - RM 15.00

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Guinea Pig Water Bottle

450ml (Large) - RM 17.00

Small Bowl

For young Guinea Pig - RM 2.50

Large Bowl 

For Adult Guinea Pig - RM 4.00